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Afrika Mandela Ranch
The SYLLA CAAP Community

Four SYLLACAAP associations contribute to the same goal: the development of Afrika Mandela Ranch, a replicable model in other contexts of economic, cultural, and climatic difficulties, not only in Africa.

The associations established in Senegal, Switzerland, Italy, and France share the name: SYLLA, after the founder Dr. Abraham Sylla, and CAAP, cooperation Aura Abla Poku, a tribute to the Queen who anciently founded the kingdom corresponding to present-day Ivory Coast.

Each association proposes activities and fundraising events in their respective countries and participates in calls for project funding in Afrika Mandela Ranch. This includes the construction of new buildings or facilities and the organization of workshops dedicated to various fields: education, training, health, art, sports, and culture.

The associations also manage solidarity trips for volunteers.

A network strengthened over the years!.

Coordination is ensured by the founders of Afrika Mandela Ranch.

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