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Afrika Mandela Ranch

You can get involved at the local level, as a member or volunteer, to participate in and organize fundraising events, awareness campaigns, and establish collaborations and partnerships with Afrika Mandela Ranch.

Contact the nearest office; it will be a pleasure to provide you with all the information and welcome your suggestions.

Volunteering at Afrika Mandela Ranch is possible; present your idea, and we will study it together to make it an experience of solidarity, exchange, balance, and humanity.

Afrika Mandela Ranch
WWOOF - Global Opportunities on Organic Farms

WWOOF, an acronym for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, is a global movement that connects volunteers eager to learn and contribute to sustainable agriculture with farming communities around the world.

At Afrika Mandela Ranch, this initiative can flourish thanks to the ecovillage and farm, promoting permaculture, organic cultivation and the efficient use of resources. Volunteers can learn local agricultural practices, participate in the cultivation of sustainable crops and contribute to the growth of the ecovillage, thus contributing to greater self-sufficiency and the conservation of the environment and the well-being of people.

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