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Fatou Magatte Chimère Diaw Health Facility

Fatou Magatte Chimère Diaw Health Facility encompasses the outpatient clinic and pharmacy. The building is functional but partially incomplete. Volunteer nurses and doctors take turns periodically to attend to patients, especially mothers and children.

Frequently, hygiene and first aid courses are organized. During the recent holidays, a group of young students from Rao, volunteers from the Red Cross, organized a summer camp that included health prevention topics.

At the Fatou Magatte Chimère Diaw health center, there is a significant emphasis on African traditional medicine. Many medicinal plants grow spontaneously on the ranch, while others have been intentionally planted, such as Graviola (or Soursop), used in natural medicine as an antiviral and anticancer remedy. The cultivation of Wormwood, beneficial for malaria prevention and treatment, is also planned. A future project includes the production of essential oils.

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