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TERRA Cooperative

The Terra cooperative benefits from energy autonomy, as the ranch is equipped with photovoltaic systems for electricity production and biodigesters for gas production, along with a solar oven used for drying.

The cooperative has a tailor shop, a soap-making laboratory, a processing workshop, and all the necessary equipment for the production of canned goods. The establishment of a dairy is also in the planning stages. The Terra Cooperative adheres to all organic production criteria.

The Great Green Wall

Afrika Mandela Ranch has emerged in a fragile Sahel area, bordering the Sahara Desert, which has undergone intensive peanut cultivation introduced during colonial times.

The disastrous consequences of deforestation and monoculture have led to severe soil aridification and the encroachment of the desert. However, we have not surrendered to this inevitability: Afrika Mandela Ranch now boasts thousands of trees and makes a significant contribution to the Great Green Wall project. This initiative envisions a barrier of trees stretching almost eight thousand kilometers and fifteen kilometers wide, spanning the African continent from Senegal to the Indian Ocean.

Since the allocation of the land in 2006, reforestation efforts have been continuous and unstoppable. We began with honey acacia, baobabs, eucalyptus, neem, and many other trees, shrubs, and cacti. It is astonishing to witness the change in the soil, enriched over the years with essential nutrients, and the return of birds that now have access to water and food. It has been emotional to discover the first bees!

Farming and Livestock

Afrika Mandela Ranch has a reasonable water supply, with the water table just a few meters deep. Wells are equipped with solar pumps, and strategic placement of retention tanks allows irrigation even during drought periods. The drip irrigation system is undergoing restoration, requiring constant revision and expansion as cultivated fields grow.

In strictly organic gardens, priority is given to the cultivation of onions, tomatoes, hibiscus (karkade), okra, peppers, turnips, and eggplants.

The orchard is predominantly occupied by citrus fruits: various varieties of lemons, grapefruits, and mandarins. Other trees include coconut palms, bananas, soursop, dates, and many other native varieties.

Afrika Mandela Ranch raises selected livestock, including cattle and sheep, which graze freely under the watchful eye of a rotating shepherd to aid in land regeneration. Horses and donkeys serve as working companions! The poultry house is home to various species: chickens, ducks, turkeys, and guinea fowl.

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