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Health: Report on the Stay of Thérèse and Maïté

In December, Maïté and Thérèse, both nurses and members of the SYLLA CAAP AFRIKA France Association, were able to consult about 200 people at Afrika Mandela Ranch. The health hut is an important and beneficial initiative for the entire community: it allows for improved access to health care for local residents, especially those living in remote or rural areas where medical services are limited or non-existent. During their stay, Maïté and Thérèse were able to establish a health record book: The implementation of the health monitoring book is an initiative to ensure adequate medical follow-up. The health monitoring book allows for the recording of a person's medical information, such as medical history, vaccinations, treatments, and medical examination results, as well as observations at the time of consultation. The establishment of a health monitoring book contributes to improving the quality of health care by allowing for more effective medical follow-up and facilitating communication between health professionals.

Testimony from Thérèse:
“The health consultation with the villagers was an excellent opportunity to exchange, understand their needs, and collaborate to find solutions adapted to their community. During this meeting, it was important to adopt a respectful and inclusive approach. To listen carefully to the concerns and ideas of the villagers, giving them particular attention. To ask open questions to encourage their participation and expression. It was also useful to discuss the challenges faced by the community, such as access to health care, education, drinking water, employment, etc. By understanding these challenges, we can work together to find sustainable solutions adapted to the local reality. And it was also important to inform the villagers about the resources and opportunities available, whether at the local or regional
level in connection with natural plant medicine… Maïté’s favorite field.

In summary, the creation of the Health Hut at the Ranch is a crucial step in improving access to health care in a community. This will help prevent diseases, provide basic medical and paramedical care, and promote better health for all residents. As a volunteer at the ranch, I was amazed to be able to engage humanely and provide vital help to a population in need. I would like and intend to participate in awareness campaigns on specific health problems. A very beautiful experience that taught me a lot and allowed me to reconnect with who I am at the bottom of my heart. This is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure that we can revive and flourish together. Nio Far. I have realized that voluntary humanitarian work can be demanding and requires adequate preparation. It is essential to understand the cultural and social issues specific to the region and to have a committed translator by one's side; this is what I missed the most during the consultations at the Ranch. It is a noble enterprise that can bring real positive change in the lives of people in need.”

In April, Thérèse returns to the ranch, accompanied by Nathalie, a doctor, also a member of the SYLLA CAAP AFRIKA France Association. They will continue to provide care to the village populations.

Afrika Mandela Ranch
Afrika Mandela Ranch
Afrika Mandela Ranch
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