To my grandmother Soxna Beye  

I've always heard my fathers say: "The curse of our Land of Africa, of our African people is that you men did not even wait for the first shot from the invading colonizers and other slavers, 
and you had already worn trousers and tie, to conform to their image, to obey their injunctions, to prostrate yourself before them, with a din of "Bouhana bouhana bouhana". 
Command therefore, or illustrious masters, and we will obey you at the cost of losing our culture, our soul, our dignity, at the cost of losing our future ... We will obey you, dear masters! Strange era ..
.. And then everything began to waver. Only we women have always kept our ‘pagne’. May my Ancestors be praised ... even if all men will wear nothing but trousers and ties, there will always be Women wrapped in their ‘pagne’, as if surrounded by their Negro-African dignity, savior of their civilization, savior of what remains of dignity Human."

Order of Doctors  n ° 7292 – Pavia - Italy 
Order of Doctors of the Canton of Ticino n ° 060953

Born on August 17th in Conakry, 
Guinea Senegalese-Franco-Swiss nationality

Due to the premature death of his father, at the age of 2 he is placed in the care of his paternal grandmother Soxna Beye, in Saint Louis of Senegal. He lives with her throughout her early childhood, by far the most wonderful period of her existence, which profoundly affects her human and spiritual formation.

When the grandmother falls seriously ill, the young Abraham is entrusted to his father's elder​ brother and settles again in Conakry, where he attends the Catholic School and later the Seminary. 
Unable to accept Abraham taking his vows, his uncle, with the help of a French governor, sent him to Mali for French military service lasting 28 months, instead of the legal 18 months. 
At the end of the compulsory service, the young man moves to Béz​iers in the south of France to another uncle, then to Paris where he finds employment at the Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens as a "poinçonneur", later as a "chef de train" and finally as a legal Councilor at the same entity.
Thanks to this job, he has the opportunity to pay the enrollment fee at the ‘Ecole des Hautes Etudes Sociales’, where he graduates in Sociology and International Law. 
He continues his studies in Education at the Paris VII University 
He returns to Senegal where he accepts the appointment of administrator of a village set up, specifically for the confinement of leprosy patients 
And it is thanks to an encounter with a girl mutilated by leprosy, that Dr. Sylla decides to return to Europe to study medicine 
He graduated in Italian in Turin (despite all French university degrees) 
He attended the University of Pavia where he obtained a degree in Medicine and Surgery, and a specialization in Pediatrics and Neonatal Pathology 
Specialization thesis: infant massage, practice of traditional African medicine, knowledge handed down by his Grandmother Soxna Beye 
Anthroposophical Medicine Training at the Ecole de Médecine Anthroposophique in Strasbourg 
Training in Homeopathy in Turin, CISDO headquarters, Milan
 Internship in Acupuncture at a doctor's office in Como

Founding President of the Sylla Caap Foundation, which has been operating in Africa since 1978 in collaboration with local populations, to facilitate access to care, education a​nd professional training. 
The activity began in Koubanao, in southern Senegal, where the first high school was built in a village, matura test center for young people from the entire district. The structure, donated to the state after construction, has been in need of routine maintenance for years. Adjacent to the high school, the Library set up with 3000 volumes. 

The activity continues in the south with professional training of a nurse from Diango, and the subsequent construction of a dispensary, also donated to the care of the state, which​ is unable to carry out any maintenance. Subsequently, the Sylla Caap Foundation creates a Clinic for the prevention and protection of mothers and babies, with innovative materials.  

Considering the difficulties in the management of the structures by the state, the Foundation decides to create a more wide-ranging development dynamic that can fully involve civil society, and in 2005 presented to the Rural Council of Gandon, in the Saint Louis Region, the Afrika Mandela Ranch project, ecological farm school, for the realization of which he buys a parcel of 100 hectares of deserted land, formerly lands of the Ancestors of Dr Abraham Sylla. After the first necessary water and reforestation works, aimed at halting the advance of the desert and to develop the cultivation of vegetables and the breeding of livestock, the following were built on the ranch: the Soxna Beye elementary school, the Arts and Crafts school, the chicken coop and the cattle shed, the outpatient clinic with adjoining pharmacy and the family home "Houses Hannah, Roxaya, Maryse"  

Dr. Abraham Sylla  


I have been on the board of the Sylla Caap Foundation for about twenty years, and vice-president of the affiliated association SYLLACAAP Afrika odv operating in Italy.  
Creative dressmaker by profession, I am the owner of the Atelier Wëssin based in Faido; a few years ago I decided to put my professional skills at the service of Afrika Mandela Ranch and in 2017 I realized my personal project for the School of Arts, Crafts and Sport: the traditional tailoring and dyeing atelier! 
In addition to courses for young girls, the tailor's shop is available to the  Cooperative Land for the creation of items to be sold at markets or fairs.  

Cooking is my passion, I am the official cook at our frequent social dinners ... a pleasant way for our supporters to stay up to date on the activities and give their contribution.  

In my heart ... and on the table is the next goal: the restaurant with the bakery oven in Afrika Mandela Ranch! The menus? let's look for common roots, things that unite us are far more in this world than those that divide us!  

Xadja-Aura Jacqueline Sylla 

CEO of the Sylla Caap Foundation 
Vice-President of the Cooperative Land  

After the linguistic baccalaureate obtained in 1981 in Aarau (Canton Aargau, German Switzerland), I settled in Lugano, where I met the people who had already started a life project in solidarity for Afrika with Dr Sylla.  

I therefore left for my first time in Senegal, in Koubanao, Casamance at the end of 1982. My task was to find with the mothers a solution to the serious problems of malnutrition of the children during weaning. 

Tradition has given the solution! In the three months of my stay, I was able to recover and transmit the ancient ones forgotten customs, which involved the preparation of healthy baby food with local ingredients. That experience completely transformed me, I fell in love with Afrika and that project of Life in solidarity has also become Mine!  

Over the years I have deepened the study of administration in all its sectors, including the organization and management of International Cooperation projects.  
My passion for medicinal plants led me to design their production in Afrika Mandela Ranch, so that his pharmacy has an important supply of traditional medicines. 

The women of the Cooperative Land have already taken the first step with cultivation  of Aloe vera and the transformation of medicinal herbs that grow spontaneously in the area.


Head of the Elementary School  

Soxna Beye and the School of Arts, Crafts and Sports at Afrika Mandela Ranch.  

Trained as a teacher, I have been in this profession for many years in France. 
I am a self-taught painter with a passion for manual skills and creation.  I specialized in the transformation and preservation of fruit and vegetables and in the practice of natural saponification; skills that I shared with the  Cooperative Land and the students of the School of Arts, Crafts and Sport, who now make the products in full autonomy.  

The fundamentals of my life journey: sharing, respect for the earth and for all living beings, solidarity and humanity